Cocoa mass

Cocoa mass

Since 2018, Panamir has been processing cocoa beans and producing grated cocoa. Our company, located in the Estonian town of Keila and certified under ISO, focuses on the highest quality of our products meeting the international standards and needs of our clients. We work all year-round, that’s why our customers receive products on time and in the desired volumes.

Cocoa mass

also known as cocoa liquor, is an intermediate step in the processing of raw cocoa beans and the base for making chocolate. It is this component that provides products with a unique aroma and taste.

We produce cocoa liquor in accordance with all the rules and regulations using the high-quality equipment from Caotech. The production of grated cocoa takes place in stages:

  • Pre-grinding of cocoa nibs (cleaned, processed and finely crushed cocoa beans);
  • Thorough and fine grinding;
  • Mixing;
  • Packing into 25 kg cardboard boxes.

For the production of grated cocoa, we use cocoa beans from West Africa and South America. Before turning into a staple product for the entire chocolate industry, beans are thoroughly cleaned, roasted and crushed.

We deliver


25 kg

Big bag

1000 kg


1000 kg

Tarpaulin truck

20000 kg

Our company offers you only the highest quality cocoa products, which are chosen by many customers from around the world every year.

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