Cocoa powder

Cocoa powder

Our company produces first-class cocoa powder, which is used to make the legendary drink or confectionery.

Cocoa powder is created by grinding cocoa cake, which, in turn, remains from the production of grated cocoa. In sum, cocoa powder is the final product for producers of the drink of cocoa, confectionery and icing.

We can confidently guarantee you that our cocoa powder is produced in accordance with all production standards at our own factory in the Estonian town of Keila (with a capacity of 1 ton per hour) and it is very much appreciated by customers for the highest quality and unsurpassed taste. Thanks to the smooth operation, we can provide you with fresh cocoa products all year round. We use only the best cocoa beans from West and East Africa and South America and work using professional equipment from Caotech.

Relying on our extensive production, we can offer you various types of cocoa powder, including alkalized cocoa powder. To obtain it, cocoa cake goes through an additional processing step where alkalis are used; this neutralizes acidity and allows cocoa powder to become more saturated in taste and aroma. The alkalized types of cocoa powder can also be used for almost all confectionery products.

In 2020, according to the most realistic forecasts, Panamir’s sales volume of cocoa powder will reach 4,000 tons. We deliver our products to the CIS countries, Europe and overseas, so that you can get the best logistical options.

We deliver


25 kg

Big bag

1000 kg


1000 kg

Tarpaulin truck

20000 kg

Our company offers you only the highest quality cocoa products, which are chosen by many customers from around the world every year.

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