Services for storing and cleaning cocoa beans

Panamir products are highly regarded worldwide. At first, the company, founded in 2008 by Estonian citizen Kirill Gorlach, was engaged in logistics. Then it offered brokerage services for the sale of coffee and cocoa, following which it finally chose its true path. In 2017, Panamir opened its own production facility with unique equipment for the processing of cocoa beans. We obtain the perfect product from high quality raw materials. The factory is special due to its geography, because it is located in the Estonian city of Keila, between the main ports in the Baltic Sea. Thanks to its location, Panamir has significant logistical advantages, delivering products by sea to Europe and North America and carrying out rail transportation to Asia. Thus, delivery from Panamir is always beneficial for you.


The company’s products meet the highest standards. Three processes take place in the factory:

1. Cleaning and sorting of cocoa beans

2. Grinding and roasting

3. Grinding of cocoa nibs for the production of grated cocoa, cocoa butter and cocoa powder

An individual cocoa bean goes through the full processing cycle: sifting and removing impurities (stones, dirt, etc.), roasting, grinding, sterilizing and vacuum packaging.

The quality of Panamir products is characterized by significant investments made in the factory’s processing equipment. It was developed by the best European companies (for example, the frying shop is from the German manufacturer BEAR Mills & Tanks GmbH, while the equipment for the production of grated cocoa is from Caotech B.V.). The factory has its own laboratory, which relentlessly monitors the quality of grated cocoa, cocoa powder and cocoa butter produced, as well as the process of cleaning and storing cocoa beans. The products are certified according to the ISO and HACCP standards.

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